1000 Minutes: Dave #11

desert-islandI’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we can improve our blog. I don’t want to do this thing half-assed and I want our blog to be recognized as one of the best out there. Obviously I think our 1000 Minutes idea is pretty good and it serves to keep us viable for quite some time. But I don’t want to be viable, I want to be innovative and interesting so much so that our site will be required reading. Perhaps I need to take writing classes and find smarts-inducing steroids to enable me to create witty prose. But while I wait for that to happen here is my next installment.

21. Catherine Wheel – Crank (mp3) from Chrome (3:45) [Time Remaining: 913:01]

I am unaware of the level of popularity this band has achieved. To me, it is likely that very few people know of them, at least in these United States. All that I know is I have loved this song since I was basically a little kid. It hasn’t lost anything to me in over fifteen years. I hope if you haven’t ever heard this song or of this band, hearing it will entice you to check them out. Because why else are we writing this damn blog anyways?

22. Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet (mp3) from The Moon & Antarctica (3:59) [Time Remaining: 909:02]

I’ve been on a bit of a Modest Mouse kick lately, even before Andy wrote about his favorite from the band last week. I brought the Lonesome Crowded West with me in the car and listened to We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank in the shower. When deciding my favorite song from this band it ultimately came down to two songs. I’m 100% certain the other will make it into this at some point so I’ll not mention it today. I love this particular song so much that I actually spent money on my phone a few years ago to have this as my ringtone. That is saying something.

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One response to “1000 Minutes: Dave #11

  1. Nice choices dave. I think “Crank” was the theme song to WBER’s show “Rant” which was on until we were seniors in high school.

    I had “3rd Planet” as a ringtone as well, but i did it the bootleg way by recording it off a speaker onto my phone.

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