1000 Minutes: Andy #11

Here’s the link to our post over at Breakthru Radio for today. Read up:

Breakthru Radio Post: Tuesday

And here’s my sunshine inspired post for my 1000 Minutes project. If you’re in Rochester, I’ll have you know I wrote this on Monday, when it was much more apropos.

21. The Push Stars – Everything Shines (mp3) from After the Party (2:22) [Time Remaining: 919:59]

Everyone has one of their own – a band that you love so intensely that you rise and fall with every bit of news about them. You watch crappy television shows and or movies just to hear their song used, and analyze later if it was used properly. You see them each time they visit your town, and are actually a bit hurt if you’re unable to, despite the fact that you see them numerous times per year. You tell all your friends about them. You make best of CDs for your sadly uninformed friends. You’re probably annoying.

The Push Stars were that band for me. I dragged plenty of people along to their shows, have seen them upwards of 30 times or so I’d imagine, and generally am/was a nerd about their music. The band made glittery, jangly pop/rock, and found moderate success, with a track on the There’s Something About Mary soundtrack, opening for Matchbox 20 and Great Big Sea.

And while they’re no longer first in my heart (I’d have a hard time awarding that coveted spot to any particular band these days), they are still excellent to listen to on sunny days and when the weather turns warm, like it has here this past weekend. This particular track is one of my favorites. It’s a monument to my slowly slipping away youth captured by a band I always thought should have made it bigger than they ever did. And don’t tell me they sound like Counting Crows.

22. Sonny Jim – Can’t Stop Moving (mp3) from Can’t Stop Moving [Single] (3:21) [Time Remaining: 916:38]

I can often succumb to hype. For this song, it turned out to be believable. I may never hear another song from Sonnington James (now going by the moniker Sonny J), but really I don’t need to. This song will always make me happy, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

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One response to “1000 Minutes: Andy #11

  1. I must say… “Can’t Stop Moving” was one of the best summer hits of 2007!

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