1000 Minutes: Dave #10

desert-islandI’m finishing this post up as I listen to a Ra Ra Riot/Vampire Weekend collaboration that nearly everyone else in the blog world is writing about. I actually really like one of the songs, Osaka Loop Line. While the other hasn’t made me want to listen on repeat, go here to check them out.

19. Wilco – At Least That’s What You Said (mp3) (5:31) from A Ghost Is Born [Time Remaining: 921:10]

Last weekend over beers and discussing the band in question, it impressed upon me that I did not have any Wilco songs as part of my 1000 Minutes Project just yet. Naturally I decided to address this as soon as possible. I spent a fair amount of time this week deciding just which song I would like to use. Several tracks were under consideration from a few of their albums. After much deliberation, I broke my choices down to favorites from each Summer Teeth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born. Breaking my choices down even further I chose to go with my favorite from Ghost because I like some of the individual songs more off that particular effort. I love that this song takes two minutes to build and then breaks out for another three minutes of some of my favorite guitar work. Thus my choice.

20. The Format – The First Single (mp3) (4:24) from Interventions + Lullabies [Time Remaining: 916:46]

I don’t know if the actual title of this song has changed or not but I had the file stored at The First Single (Cause a Scene) from several years ago. Everywhere I looked to confirm this actually has (You Know Me) in parentheses instead. Since the band in now defunct their site does not offer much guidance, but then again I didn’t search this out too hard. I’m not sure if the band changed it after a time or if it was always that way, but I still love the song. This song is infectiously upbeat and never fails to get me tapping my toes to the beat.

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2 responses to “1000 Minutes: Dave #10

  1. As soon as I put this up I listened to Kicking Television and thought about changing my song choice.

  2. “Company at my Back”??? – the two little guitar tweaking in that live version make life a little better.

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