Ryan Adams B-Sides

The amount of music I have by Ryan Adams is ridiculous.  In fact, I could probably write an mp3 blog dedicated solely to his music and have enough material for at least a year or so.  (I won’t be doing that, in case you were wondering.)  In fact, because space on my computer is limited, I have literally 18-20 CDs of music by him that’s not immediately accessible to me on my computer.

But last night, after I turned off the Mets game out of frustration, I was scrolling through my iPod, listening for something to write about, and I came across all of my songs by Mr. Adams.  And here are two of my favorites of his extensive list of b-sides and alternates.  One you’ve heard in a different form, the other you may not have heard at all.  Who knows?  Maybe he won’t record anymore, and we’ll never hear a new song from him.  We’ll all just have to live off of compilations released by his former labels.  Let’s hope not.

Ryan Adams – La Cienega Just Smiled (The Suicide Handbook Version) (mp3)

This is a simpler, prettier version of a song I liked in its released version.  It seems a lot more sad, too.

Ryan Adams – Hypnotixed (mp3) from the UK/Japan release of Rock N Roll

Fans of Ryan Adams are divided on how good Rock N Roll actually is.  (Great album?  Or greatest album?)  I personally like the album a lot.  “So Alive” is an incredible song, and it’s worth the album’s price in and of itself.  (There are other good songs on there too, however.)  This track is one I’m surprised wasn’t on Rock N Roll, because I would put it in the Top 3 of Ryan’s from that era.  (And, yes, it’s spelled with an “x,” not “z.”)

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One response to “Ryan Adams B-Sides

  1. onlylovecanleavesuchamark

    Good choices, I love Cracks in the Photograph. have twenty one hours of music by Ryan Adams on my hard drive.

    You wouldn’t happen to have the outtake, For Beth? I’m looking for this one?

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