1000 Minutes: Andy #10

Today’s installment of my 1000 Minutes Project has me looking back over what I’ve already posted, and feeling a little bit surprised that I’ve not even knocked out a tenth of my allotted time.  In addition to my surprise, I’m proud we’ve made it to ten weeks of doing this.  The project has spawned at least one fan that we know of, and maybe it’s made you think a bit about the importance of the music in your life.  Or maybe not.

I’m feeling sentimental today. Let’s get after the tunes.

19. Modest Mouse – Missed the Boat (4:26) from We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (mp3) [Time Remaining: 926:52]

Modest Mouse purists will probably berate me for this choice.  There are certainly songs that are more representative of the band’s quirky style, these purists I have invented would argue – something off of The Moon and Antarctica perhaps? And while they are undoubtedly correct, the sentiment expressed in this particular song reminds me to be appreciative of the time/family/friends with which/whom I have been blessed.  Not that I need a Modest Mouse song to do so, but it’s just so crushingly perfect when Isaac sings: “I know this of myself/we’ve listened to more of life’s end gong than the sound of life’s sweet bells.”

20. Alex Lloyd – Bus Ride (mp3) from Watching Angels Mend (4:31) [Time Remaining: 922:21]

“Bus Ride” is a mixtape staple of mine.  I mean, really – what woman wouldn’t love a guy who meant it when he said, let alone sang:

“If you want to take the world on now I will be right there beside you. And if you wanna sleep the whole day through I will be right there beside you?”

I was listening to the song recently when my girlfriend called me out on that last part because I hate sleeping in.  (Gasp!)  Doesn’t matter.  I’d do it if she really wanted, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

Listen.  The song builds and builds until just after the three minute mark, when it finally becomes overwhelming.  And you can feel it right in your chest.

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One response to “1000 Minutes: Andy #10

  1. The Lonesome Crowded West – “Trucker’s Atlas”

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