1000 Minutes: Andy #9

While I haven’t gotten through the entire album yet, the new Silversun Pickups album is excellent so far.  A lot more focused than their debut, less ethereal and less swirly/shoegaze guitar.  That may be terrible for some of their fans, but I think it works for them.  (NOTE: because I haven’t listened to it enough, I reserve the right to completely reverse or change my opinion without good explanation.)

UPDATE!: Buy the new album yourself from Amazon for $4 (!) here today (4/14) only.

Here is the next installment of my 1000 Minutes project.

17. The Stills – Changes Are No Good (mp3) (3:42) from Logic Will Break Your Heart [Time Remaining: 9:35:12]

Dave will probably disagree with my choice off of this album.  In truth, it was between this and “Animals + Insects” for me, but I listened to this song so frequently when I got the album that I had to give it the nod.

Maybe The Stills will never get back to the beauty they created on this album, but I sure hope so.  I really really enjoyed that album, and their subsequent efforts have only elicited a “meh” or two from me.

18. Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around the Block (mp3) (3:54) from The Hour of Bewilderbeast [Time Remaining: 931:18]

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Damon Gough Version (in 4 steps):
-Damon Gough (aka Badly Drawn Boy) writes soundtrack for About a Boy which stars Hugh Grant
-Hugh Grant stars in Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock
-Sandra Bullock stars in Crash with Matt Dillon
-Matt Dillon stars in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon

Man, I love this song. I have to hear it about once per week, going on 9 years now.

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2 responses to “1000 Minutes: Andy #9

  1. I don’t disagree with your Stills choice. That will probably make it onto my list at some point, maybe not first, but somewhere down the line. I also don’t disagree with you BDB choice.

  2. That Stills album was the best purchase I made in 50 years. It’s my go to road trip music.

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