1000 Minutes: Dave #8

desert-islandAs those who come to this page regularly will notice, we have changed up our posting schedules. Like Andy said a few days ago, I will most likely be putting my 1000 Minutes posts up on Fridays going forward while he will be taking over Tuesdays, in turn forcing the Smörgåsbord to move to Wednesdays. We have been a little lax in our posts the last week or so but we’ll try to get back on track after this weekend. Anyways, on to my next batch of songs.

15. Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain mp3 from Without A Sound (4:18) [Time Remaining: 939:39]

When looking over my list thus far, I ultimately decided it was time to add an older favorite that I’ve loved since I was a kid. I owe my love for the song entirely to BER. In fact my little brother, who was a mere four years old when this song was released, loves this song now. So we both owe it to the radio station and, of course, this being a great song.

16. Red House Painters – Have You Forgotten mp3 from the Vanilla Sky OST (5:29) [Time Remaining: 934:10]

At least amongst my friends, and perhaps all throughout Kozelek fan-dom, there will be a divergence of opinion over which version of this song is better. For those unaware, the original version is off Songs For A Blue Guitar and the arrangement is completely different. Andy advised me he doesn’t like this version and attempted to persuade me that I was wrong. (The fact we are both so passionate about this of all things should tell you why we write a music blog in case you didn’t know by now.) Considering the fact the both of us feel so strongly about different versions should tell you how the great the song is. In my opinion both are incredible, but when I listen to this version it absolutely kills me every time. I don’t care that it is reworked and from a Tom Cruise film. It resonates more with me because of the pace and the aching guitars.

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5 responses to “1000 Minutes: Dave #8

  1. Hey–just want to say I stumbled upon you on accident through Hypem and was psyched to find another western new yorker/ WBER fan. I remember the first time I heard Neutral Milk Hotel on the way home from school.

  2. We felt somebody had to represent this lovely region of the world. And of course WBER had a large part in the formation of my musical tastes.

  3. I just wanted to clarify that I did not try to convince Dave that he was wrong. I just told him he was crazy.

  4. I was only kidding.

  5. It is this day betwixt Good Friday and Easter.
    I came upon your blog by happenstance on a Google search for a locking mailbox insert and delightfully discovered the Good Music here!

    So happy that happened…next time ya’ll are in Nashville, stop by and visit …we’re located in the heart of Music Row on the very short street between 16th and 17th…little yellow building.

    Happy Easter to ya’ll…it’s beautiful !!!

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