Copeland is a band I’ve never gotten all the way into, despite vastly enjoying two of their songs taken from different records. A few years back I heard Pin Your Wings, and while I don’t recall where or how I heard it, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Under normal circumstances I might check out other music from a band if I particularly enjoy something I’ve heard. In some cases I do not, whether it is from a feeling that this is a one-off situation or I was simply too lazy to do it at the time and never really thought about it again. Just recently I heard the attached song and greatly enjoyed it. I still haven’t gone crazy finding the rest of the band’s catalogue, but I do enjoy this song quite a bit and may get some more soon.

Copeland – The Grey Man mp3 from You Are My Sunshine


2 responses to “Copeland

  1. such a good song.
    i was never a fan, until i heard this song.
    another song i really like is control freak.

  2. One of my favourite bands.
    They have a strange ability to drag you into the mood they are trying to create…
    I just really enjoy their sound and style.

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