1000 Minutes: Andy #7

After being fairly recent with the songs used last week’s installment, I’m bringing it back a little over a decade for songs that may not be considered the best of the bands’ respective catalogues, but ones that hold special places in my heart.

13. The Smashing Pumpkins – Perfect (mp3) (3:22) [Time Remaining: 950:43] from Adore

Adore seems to be the most maligned album by Billy Corgan and Co.; on it, the band made their foray into a darker, electronica influenced sound, which was a wide departure from their previous efforts.

I don’t own a copy of Adore anymore. I’m sure it got lost or taken or traded in, and really I’m OK with that. Looking over the tracklisting, I don’t remember any of the other songs on the album with any specificity – except for “Perfect.” The song fades-in to a sharp breath being taken before everything else starts – an action I still take in sync with the song before singing along. And while the song is good without any of the feelings I attach to it, it’d be hard for me to believe anyone could not identify with its theme.

14. Sunny Day Real Estate – Guitar and Video Games (mp3) (4:09) [Time Remaining: 946:34] from How It Feels To Be Something On

If you’ve never read the sidebars of this blog, I can’t say that I blame you. For the most part it’s us trying to get you to hype us up, read other things we like, cover our collective ass, etc. In my “About the Author” section I talk about my musical tastes when compared with my family and friends growing up, and use Sunny Day Real Estate as the defining band. It’s with good reason.

How It Feels To Be Something On was the band’s third release, and first after re-forming. The tone of the album is more subdued than previous efforts – Jeremy’s vocals are less strained, the themes are more mature. I can’t say why I am drawn to this song – there are plenty excellent ones to choose from on the album – but isn’t that the way it works?

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One response to “1000 Minutes: Andy #7

  1. Great song choice there. Don’t you think ‘Perfect’ is kinda like ‘1979: Part 2’. Maybe its just because the music video is continued on from the 1979 one.

    Either way – good song choice!

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