My Scrubs Tunes

Tonight we have our second Tympanogram concert experience with a band hailing from our own neck of the woods. We’ll have our info up about that either over the weekend or early next week. For today, as you have surely seen, we’ve talked about music on the television show Chuck but I don’t believe we have mentioned many other shows. Today we are giving mention to a longtime favorite that has a history of excellent music use as well.

I’ve been watching the show Scrubs pretty much since it began. I was in college at the time it premiered so I didn’t watch it regularly at that time but I currently do. I also have all the seasons on dvd for repeat viewings. Music often has great importance as an emotional augmentation for the show, no doubt largely due to its star and his own personal musical tastes that were on display in his movie that all those indie kids out there have seen. While much of the music used in the show is from bands I’m already familiar with, they surprise me at times. Here are two songs the show has used this year.

Grand Archives – Torn Blue Foam Couch (mp3) from Grand Archives

Rogue Wave – Chicago x 12 (mp3) from Asleep at Heaven’s Gate


2 responses to “My Scrubs Tunes

  1. I’ve found that both Scrubs and Chuck seem to have a tendency for picking tracks that I either already really dig, or ones that I don’t know but want to find out more about.

    I also really like Grey’s Anatomy for the same reason.

  2. I can’t get behind the Grey’s Anatomy choice – sorry.

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