Chuck versus Tympanogram, Part 2

My girlfriend was out of town on Monday, so we didn’t watch the new episode of Chuck until Tuesday, and all I had was questions. Will Chuck ever get The Intersect out of his head? That bitch of a general says no, but I’m certain that crafty Charles Carmichael will find a way to make it happen. Then he’ll probably have to abort that at the last second to save bumbling Morgan, or Awesome and Ellie, or, more predictably, Sarah, who is the biggest blue-balls giving shrew this side of Tyra (at least as far as Landry is concerned) on Friday Night Lights.

I watch too much TV.

Not a big night for music on the show, but at the end, they used the following:

Matt Pond PA – Amazing Life (mp3) from The Freeep

That’s not a misspelling of the album title either, but if you slow it down, you can see that the title is “The Free EP,” which you can get for yourself in its entirety right here.

Also, does anyone else watch the show Life?  I started because I like Damien Lewis (he was Maj. Winters in Band of Brothers) and stayed because it’s been entertaining for the most part.  (And his partner is smoking hot as well.)  They’re not as big on the music, but last night they used “Fiery Crash” by Andrew Bird and this one from Secret Machines.

Secret Machines – Now You’re Gone (mp3) from Secret Machines

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One response to “Chuck versus Tympanogram, Part 2

  1. um…can’t relate there, I never watch tv.
    I buy too many records, go to too many shows, music is my vice.

    I love the freeep btw.

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