1000 Minutes: Dave #6

desert-islandToday for my installment of the 1000 minutes project I am going to head off the beaten path briefly to go with some songs that may not appear to be in line with what I’ve written about so far. One is an old track that was written well before my birth and the second is a track from the 1990’s that most would have to consider a modern classic. (Also both come from albums that have unnecessary u’s in them according to American spelling. Personally I like the extra u’s.)

11. Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Again (STREAM) from Rumours (2:15) [Time Remaining: 953:23]

Anything I say about this song would fail to do it justice. Obviously one of the all time great songs from an immensely talented band.

12. Foo Fighters – Everlong (mp3) from The Colour And The Shape (4:09) [Time Remaining: 949:14]

This will almost assuredly be the only Foo Fighters track on this list. But I do enjoy this song a great deal still to this day, and have usually found the band’s other music to be enjoyable at the least. It may not fit in exactly with the rest of the music I like but who cares? It’s my list bitches.

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One response to “1000 Minutes: Dave #6

  1. I gotta say I like blogs that have themed posts. It brings with it a nice consistency, adds to the regular readers experience and avoids cluttered endless ramblings that a lot of blogs out there contain. Nice one.

    We do a similar thing on our sections our blog (We only have four sections though). Sticking to it may be restricting ouselves, but we’ve never yet found it to be a dead end.

    Find the blog here – http://therecommender.net

    Thanks. I’ll keep popping back…

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