Friday Flashback

Feeling a bit nostalgic, here are a couple of tunes from 10 years ago that maybe you missed. And even if you didn’t miss them, it’s always nice to be reminded.

Mint Royale – Don’t Falter (mp3) from On the Ropes

According to their Wikipedia page, Mint Royale is not the jangly, female fronted band they led me to believe they are. In fact, they are a still-kicking big beat duo in the vein of The Propellerheads, Chemical Brothers, etc. The girl is a guest vocalist. Huh. You learn something new everyday.

This song, very specifically, reminds me of driving along the lake in the summertime.

Ben Lee – Cigarettes Will Kill You (mp3) from Breathing Tornados

There is a line in this song’s chorus that a girl once told me described exactly what she wanted in life: “…a TV embrace.”

I don’t know what Ben Lee meant when he penned that, but apparently she did. I hope she got it – or, if she hasn’t yet, I hope she does.


One response to “Friday Flashback

  1. Really, ten years ago? That induces some emotion i cannot put my finger on.

    I watched the “Don’t Falter” video one night (after a bit of drinking) on MTV2 i remember liking it – some animated things with a river and boats.

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