Colin Munroe

I believe that certain people are put on earth to do specific things. By this I mean some folks have an innate talent that allows them to produce something of high quality with only minimal effort. Many are lucky enough to discover these talents in their short time roaming the globe. I can only wish that I have some ability hidden somewhere inside my genetic coding, let alone have the occasion to find it. If I were to possess some ability and have the good fortune to discover it (soon please) I could further only hope to possibly make some money doing it. Foremost I wish if I had something like this that I would enjoy whatever it is I am doing. I like to think Colin Munroe has it and is doing it. Hopefully he can make some money doing it as well.

Mr. Munroe is playing today at South By Southwest, so if you are there for any possible reason then go check out his show.

Colin Munroe – Sunday Bloody Sunday (mp3) from Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero

Colin Munroe – Piano Lessons (mp3) from Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero


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