Happy St. Patty’s Weekend

Tomorrow is the Rochester St. Patrick’s Day Parade; we imagine this holds true in a great many places across the nation. Andy’s never been a big parade goer, but the allure of drinking heavily is too good for him to pass up. Plus, he hasn’t been out in a couple weeks, so this seems like a good time to put the drinking shoes back on.

For some reason the two of us never seem to hang out on St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps that is due to Dave and his family’s intense Irish-ness and the associated clan-like symptoms. Instead of doing whatever Andy is, he shall be close to the parade at a downtown hotel, but will likely just walk through the parade on his way to the all-you-can-drink event just as he did last year. Five hours and as much Guinness as you can drink. After that who knows what will happen.

Here are a few tunes meant to get you in the mood to do some drankin’. And really, they’re not drinking songs as much as they are songs that vaguely reminded us of the holiday from the title of the song or the band’s name.

Have a safe and happy weekend, y’all.

John Mayer Trio – Another Kind of Green (mp3) from Try!

Kings of Leon – McFearless (mp3) from Because of the Times

The Push Stars – Wild Irish Rose (mp3) from Meet Me at the Fair

Port O’Brien – I Woke Up Today (mp3) from All We Could Do Was Sing

The Rest – Drinking Again (mp3) from the forthcoming Everyone All at Once


11 responses to “Happy St. Patty’s Weekend

  1. Who the fuck is St Patty?, damn yanks bastardising the name of our patron Saint, I’ll get him to send you a plague of locusts

  2. St. Patty looks down on calling people Yanks, especially without proper capitalization. He won’t send locusts now.

  3. If it were me, Mr. Kearney, I’d be more concerned about how God Himself views your use of foul language.

    But I’m a Protestant, me-self.

  4. Concerned in Thailand

    If you pound a Guinness just right, the foam in the bottom of the glass will take on St. Patty’s image.

    If you don’t see it… keep trying. 😉

  5. LOL, damn Yanks, apologies.

  6. Andy,

    Andy speaks in the third person now?

  7. Andy does. He’s decided to be more like Rickey Henderson.

    Actually, I wrote the first part and Dave wrote the second.

  8. That crossed my mind. Did Andy get those Met’s tickets?

  9. It is odd speaking in the third person but when it takes place we have jointly written something.

  10. Andy did get those Mets tickets. I’ll send you an e-mail. It’s right field reserved, row 12. Right near the foul pole. Section 103 I think.

  11. Well, to avoid confusion in the future maybe you guys should have a third author label.

    You guys have some really good article hooks (1000 minutes etc.)

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