1000 Minutes: Dave #4

desert-islandThis experiment is actually proving much more difficult than I had initially envisioned. I honestly thought these posts would come quickly and furiously but I’m thinking far too much about where to mention songs chronologically. I haven’t done any sort of order thus far so I’m not sure why my mind goes there. When this is finished I plan on there being no discernible order of placement.

For an example of my troubles, I struggled mightily with including the Blur song below. I went back and forth several times, even after writing this previous section about worrying too much, on whether it should be included. At some point I would have added the song because 1000 minutes is a lot of time to cover and I enjoy the song a great deal. So despite my neuroses, which are somehow focused solely on the construction of biographical music lists, here is the fourth installment.

7. Bloc Party – Like Eating Glass (mp3) from Silent Alarm (4:21) [Time Remaining: 968:14]

This album came out shortly after I finished college. When I first heard Silent Alarm I was awestruck at how closely it fit my ideal of how music should sound. And while I sometimes wish Bloc Party would attempt to recreate the sound of their debut, I have still loved their subsequent releases with their increasingly produced sounds.

8. Blur – Sing (mp3) from Leisure (6:00) [Time Remaining: 962:14]

I’m not sure if Andy and I have the same idea for the final outcome of this project. By that I mean whether or not multiple songs from one band will be included on our respective lists. I’m of the idea at this juncture that I will surely be including multiple tracks from favorite artists while Andy may not. Regardless of hypothetical limitations I’m fairly certain this will be the only song from Blur on my list. I’m not holding myself to that, but since I’m not a Blur-o-phile (if such a term could possibly exist) I don’t believe any of their others will make the cut. This song was used in the film Trainspotting and is on the soundtrack. Its use in the film only adds to my enjoyment of both the film and the song.

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