1000 Minutes: Andy #4

Installment four had me in a bit of an argument with myself over which Kings of Leon song I wanted to use here.  It didn’t take overly long for me to settle it with myself, but I can’t say that I won’t regret my choice later.  Then again, this project is of my own creation, so maybe I can exercise my God-complex later on and change the rules.

7. John Mayer – Clarity (mp3) from Heavier Things (4:32) [Time Remaining: 971:53]

John Mayer’s virtuosity has become more and more apparent the more weed he admits to smoking, because his last two albums have been excellent. Having seen him play live twice, I can tell you that he’s an excellent showman, but since neither of those times were recently, I can’t honestly say if he’s gotten better live since the drugs. Either way, it doesn’t matter. This particular track is from his sophomore album, I assume before he was shopping for vaporizers with Bill Maher (I made that up), and the live versions I hear of it are drawn out experiences, and every bit as enjoyable as the original.

8. Kings of Leon – Soft (mp3) from Aha Shake Heartbreak (2:59) [Time Remaining: 968:54]

It would have been sacrilege if I’d picked a KoL song from any other album, really, because Aha Shake Heartbreak brings up so many memories for me, and honestly, it’s their best album.) I bought Youth and Young Manhood when it came out, but I really only liked “Joe’s Head” to begin with (the better version of “California Waiting” is off of their earlier EP). This album, conversely, was quick about it. All cowboy boots and faster cars and beer, it accompanied me on many drunken summer nights. And boy, the skuzzy-guitar along with Caleb’s yowling vocals sound as good as the first time I heard it.

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4 responses to “1000 Minutes: Andy #4

  1. I must say you sound like me when you talk about Kings of Leon. They’ve truly created timeless music that is good over and over again. That being said I’ve found a band that crosses John Mayer’s weed induced virtuosity with the down south jukin’ of Kings of Leon’s earliest stuff. JOHNATHAN APPLESEED. Find their music.

  2. Re: “Soft” – Involuntary

  3. Personally if I were to pick a KoL song it’d be “Fans” or “Manhattan”, but this is a gem too.

  4. Mark: the beer/drunken nights explains “Soft.”

    TJ: I still have a lot of time left, but this one gets top billing, although I did say it was a tough decision.

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