A Programming Note/Driver Eight

Dave and I are not prolific bloggers. We both have jobs, significant others, other interests. (For me, it’s mainly baseball.) As such, we don’t always have time to listen immediately when we receive songs in our inbox. This isn’t meant to offend the sending party; it’s just that we’re both busy.

With that said, there are foolproof ways to get yourself not talked about by either of us. I don’t care if your song is the best thing ever written, if it’s called “Git Ur Fuk On,” we’re not going to listen. If it’s the Illo “Fuk Harder” Mix of “Git Ur Fuk On,” we’re even less likely to listen.

This isn’t because we don’t like to get our respective fucks on, it’s just that we’re adults, so we like to spell properly, and the truth is, you haven’t really read our blog if that’s what you’re sending us.

With that, we’re moving on to the music…
It’s the summer of 1996. I’m wearing my uniform: lacrosse shorts with a button down shirt and a white hat from Colgate University, which I’ve ripped the letters out of so it says “Olga.” (I’m mad creative, and am unaware that the very hat I love has become a pejorative.) My friends and I, we’re all just learning to drive, speeding our way north and south on 390, winding our way into the city to buy 40s from the careless corner store clerks. We’re sunburned and happy to play volleyball at the beach.

And I can’t stop listening to Driver Eight. It’s my soundtrack. Fuck “The Distance” and “Trigger Happy Jack.” While those are good songs, there’s nothing better to my 17-year-old self than this slice of indie Americana rock.

Today, when I go looking to see what happened to the guys from Driver Eight, I come up almost completely empty. It seems that Watermelon was the only album they ever released – on Tooth & Nail or anywhere else. The album has only been rated five times on Amazon – 4 five-star ratings and 1 three-star. It’s all very mysterious, and I still love it like I’m about to start 12th grade all over again.

Driver Eight – Cheers (mp3)

Driver Eight – Brown Paper Bag (mp3)

Driver Eight – Sunbittern (mp3)

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2 responses to “A Programming Note/Driver Eight

  1. andy and/or dave. matt mccartie from driver eight here. i loved hearing your story about how you dug the record. to end the mystery for you,,,here’s the info…the band broke up in may of 1998 as our guitar player andy left to be the road guitar player for ??? some moderately successful touring band at the time. he and our bass player alex have since played with bands like palo alto and jason faulkner (andy). these days andy has a band called eject http://www.myspace.com/ejecttheband and alex is a tv producer. i fronted a band called national that was doomed form the start and then took some time being a drummer again. namely with indie bands the lassie foundation and one called eskimohunter. a couple of years ago i was tired of bands altogether and so i built a studio in my backyard and started writing again. the journey had brought me within a month of finished 10 new songs and in the next week will be signing a new deal to put them out. 6 of them are already done. mixed and mastered. i’d be happy to send them to you so you can see where the old driver eight ball is currently bouncing.
    send me an email and i’ll send you a link.


  2. I’m so excited to find out about Mr. McCartie’s new project! I’ve really enjoyed Driver Eight and I was pretty disappointed when National didn’t go anywhere. I’m checking out Theft now and really digging it. This is happy new indeed!

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