1000 Minutes: Dave #3

For today’s installment of the 1000 minutes project I was tempted to include 1901 from Phoenix, strictly due to the number of times I’ve listened to the song since it was put out. I think I’ll wait however and see if the song holds up after my initial infatuation subsides. In sticking to songs that have withstood the test of time, here is the third edition of my 1000 Minutes Adventure.

5. My Morning Jacket – The Way That He Sings (mp3) from At Dawn (5:36) [Time Remaining: 975:24]

I have several songs authored by My Morning Jacket that may or may not eventually be listed as a part of this, but this was the first song from the band that I absolutely loved. I saw the band live back in the Fall of 2002 well before they hit it big. They were one of the openers for a Doves show at Water Street. All I can remember is hearing this incredibly melodic and soulful music from a bunch of dudes who looked like they belonged in a death metal band. They were leaning forward banging their heads with their long hair and beards waving all about in time to music that didn’t fit their looks. I was hooked right from the beginning.

6. Idlewild – Mistake Pageant (mp3) from 100 Broken Windows (2:49) [Time Remaining: 972:35]

When all is said and done with these 1000 minutes I’m sure there will be several other songs taken from this particular Idlewild album as well as a few songs from the band’s later efforts. They are still one of my all time favorite bands and this song is pretty close to perfect in my opinion.

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