As I sit here writing I am consuming mass quantities of some delicious store brand cereal. Being an easy going yet fairly cheap person, while attending weekly grocery-store-time I try to go for deals or generic substitutes when plausible. I don’t like eating terrible food so there are certainly instances when I will pay more to buy the ‘good’ kind of certain products. While an example of that eludes me at the moment, in the case of imitation Cinnamon Toast Crunch I go with the store brand. It is much cheaper yet still quite good. I’m sure if I tasted the original and its imitation back to back I would be able to notice some sort of difference…but man these Wegmans cinnamon squares are tasty.

Unrelated to my cereal, I’ve had the new Beirut album for more than a week and I’ve been trying to decide which song is my favorite thus far. While I was listening to the album my wife made a comment that it sounded like circus music. Perhaps subconsciously this is why I’ve liked the song ‘My Wife, Lost in the Wild’ so much. I’m still not quite sure however if I have a favorite track.

The album is split into two parts so that it appears the record is made up of two EP’s. While a curious decision on the surface, the separation makes more sense after focusing on where the EP’s diverge sonically. The first EP was recorded in Oaxaca, Mexico with a local 19-piece collective named the Jimenez Band. The tracks are similar to the type of music one familiar with Beirut’s previous commercial releases would be. The second half is more electronic, which apparently hearkens back to the music of Zach Condon’s youth when he recorded under the alias Realpeople.

I downloaded a digital version of the album which just gave me the eleven songs. Because I got the record digitally the separation of the EP’s had no real effect on me. When I burned the digital version so I could listen to it away from the computer I just put them all together. Though seemingly out of place with each other stylistically, the two sections flow together well as an album and I don’t feel the separation was even necessary.

I could have gotten the whole thing off Hype Machine weeks ago but I waited until it was officially released. I’m sure every song on the record is out there somewhere. Because of that I had some trouble deciding which new song to post along with some older stuff. Anyways.

Beirut – Venice (mp3) from March of The Zapotec and Realpeople Holland

Beirut – Postcards From Italy (mp3) from Gulag Orkestar

Beirut – Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) (mp3) from Gulag Orkestar

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