Here’s To You, Web Sheriff

After some Web Sheriff/Wordpress wrangling this morning, Tympanogram is back in business.

While it brings up interesting debates over copyright infringement, fair use and DMCA, it’s really a big hassle, and not one we’re willing to take on just yet, especially since we don’t make any money doing this. In the meantime, we’re amending our disclaimer to include the specific provision in Copyright Law that addresses Fair Use in case anyone is interested.

So, while we still consider Astral Weeks to be something you should own, we’re amending our thoughts to the following: go and buy it used off of Amazon – or better yet at a local record store that sells used CDs.

In the meantime, Web Sheriff, since you might be watching right now, we’re expecting a reply to our request of you with the same expediency with which we honored yours.

And, the picture is fitting in more ways than one.  Happy Birthday, Johnny.


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