1000 Minutes: Dave #2

I spent a fair amount of time today sorting through a pile of mail due to our mailbox lock being impenetrable the past two weeks. We have been unable to insert the key fully into the lock thereby making it impossible to unlock the box and retrieve the mail. In anger I’ve hit the box and shook it which in turn only strengthened the box’s resolve. I tried lubrication to ease the key in but was rebuked unceremoniously. Finally I asked for a woman’s assistance. The mail carrier opened the box for me and handed me our pile of mail. Success! Due to the lack of access there were several things to sort through, mostly large amounts of garbage I have no use for including the seventh phone book we’ve gotten since 2009 began.

While this situation has nothing to do with today’s post it preoccupied me enough to delay finishing any work. That and laziness. However I have finished it so here is the second installment of my 1000 Minutes Adventure.

3. Hum – Stars (mp3) from You’d Prefer An Astronaut (5:09) [Time Remaining: 983:17]

I was basically a kid when this song was released. The lyrics painted a picture for me that I envisioned myself at a distance observing. I can feel what is being talked about in the song. I loved the song then and still do to this day. It’s power has not diminished even considering its use in a crappy Cadillac commercial.

4. Coldplay – Don’t Panic (mp3) from Parachutes (2:17) [Time Remaining: 981:00]

Coldplay has worked their way into becoming one of the largest and most popular bands on this planet. All that they have started with the album Parachutes and its opening song that they will never top.

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