Essential Album: Deftones – Around the Fur

In doing our essential albums lists we are aiming to come up with different albums that qualify as such for us individually, though undoubtedly there will be albums the both of us have strong feelings for and own. In those instance we’ll either leave it up to the writer whose feelings are superiorly intense regarding the subject matter or collaborate. For example I love Songs for a Blue Guitar but since Andy is an old fart he had the means to go out and purchase the album when it was released. I was unable to drive at that time so I’ll give him this one.


To start this feature off regarding my own essentials I’ll go somewhat chronologically with the first album my single disc boom-box spun silly. I could start with the Deftones’ debut Adrenaline, as it was the first album I owned from the band. And while in many ways that album could still be considered their strongest it is in my estimation that their sophomore effort Around the Fur is a greater achievement.

I have trouble relating exactly what made me like their music back as a young teenager. I have a fleeting memory of hearing their songs on the radio as a music neophyte. I had certainly listened to music before this time, but I would classify the music of the Deftones as my musical awakening because I hadn’t been exposed to anything quite like it. While similar to the feeling I received when first hearing the song Bored from Adrenaline, upon hearing new songs off this album I felt something altogether different. I recall sitting in my room listening to the radio when WBER must have leaked songs off Around the Fur. I will have to describe myself as intensely intrigued with what I was hearing. I was bewildered at what this music was and how I had never heard anything like it before. How it made me want to listen to it endlessly because of the way it made me feel. Somehow I just couldn’t properly grasp what I was listening to and that fueled the intrigue because prior to this I had never had trouble understanding music. I relate it to the feelings the television show Lost brings me. The show is so obtuse and layered that you need to put in a large effort to even attempt to understand it. Obviously you hope that effort should ultimately be rewarding but you search high and low to find out more. The difference with the music is that it was immediately rewarding but at the same time made me work. The ironic part of this intense feeling of having to know and understand what it was has forever been lost exactly because I found it and listened to it again and again.

The reason these memories and feelings are fleeting is that they have been diluted following hundreds of subsequent listens to the album. I still get similar feelings when hearing something brand new and knowing that I have to find it or else I will not rest. I don’t think that I have felt anything quite like that day however mostly because I was being exposed to something far more intense than I ever had before. Other music may have been just as intense to me but following this experience nothing would quite be the same as the feelings that day. First is the song I think they previewed on the radio and the second is my favorite.

Deftones – lhabia (mp3) from Around the Fur

Deftones – Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) (mp3) from Around the Fur


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