Empire of the Sun/The Sleepy Jackson

Like most first apartments, mine sucked. It was dingy, owned by a slumlord and shared with my sister. The second one wasn’t much better, but it served as a familiar spot for people wanting to go out drinking since the bars were within walking distance. We used to drink Wednesday-Saturday nights, and it’s safe to assume that small fortunes were lost in the beer consumption and poker playing.

Since we only spent money on beer, we didn’t have it for cable, and so we could only pick up what the rabbit ears brought us. For some odd reason, however, we picked up MTV2. And during this time – 2004, I think – I heard The Sleepy Jackson on Subterranean, somewhere among the incessant showing of the Trapt video for “Echo.” (The chick in that video was smoking hot.)

I went out as soon as I could spare some beer money (which I really couldn’t) and bought the album, only to be disappointed by everything except the single I’d heard – “Come to This.” The Dylan-esque vocals drew me in immediately, but the rest of the album lacked that ability to grab me.

I’m talking about The Sleepy Jackson only because, in my perusing of the blogosphere – specifically Lew’s excellent [cardboardliving] – I read about a band named Empire of the Sun. Reading up on the band, I saw the name Luke Steele, and remembered that he was the lead singer of The Sleepy Jackson.

The groups’ respective sounds are nothing alike. While The Sleepy Jackson played/plays straightforward indie rock, Empire of the Sun are clearly electronic in nature. Gone are the Luke’s gravelly vocals; he’s now using his falsetto and has cleaned it up considerably. It’s a completely different direction from what I knew from him, and I enjoy what I’ve heard so far.

The Sleepy Jackson – Come to This (mp3) from Lovers

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream (mp3) from Walking on a Dream

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream


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