The Rest: Everyone All at Once

The Rest is a Canadian septet hailing from Hamilton, ONT, and they’re happy to oblige your need for lit-pop, stringing together enough adjectives and synonyms to make their English teachers glow. It’s musical magnetic poetry. Lyrics, violins, guitars, pianos are all thrown into the mix.

Their music holds the promise of something great, but it starts as a whisper – speak too loudly and you’ll miss it. Call someone over to hear it, and you’ll both miss it. Listen harder. Everything you love about music is right in there. And they make it work well. Musically, the band combines the urgency of Arcade Fire with the fits and starts of Modest Mouse, mixed with an air of something more ephemeral. If Andrew Bird needs an opener on any of his future dates, he should look no further.

Everyone All at Once is the band’s second release that we can find. Having only heard one song from their debut on their MySpace, we can’t tell how much of a departure from their norm that this new album is. But, they’ve made it clear that the creative process was lengthy, aided by stepping outside of their respective comfort zones; the resulting album is an experience, and it’s one that should not be missed. There’s no announced release date as of yet. UPDATE!: Adam from the band tells me that the date is toward the end of April right now, but isn’t certain yet.

The Rest have only a few tour dates listed on their site, and all of them are North of the Border, and they are considerably spread out. We don’t know if more are in the works in support of the album, but we’re hopeful that they make it down into the States. If not, then one of us will finally have to get his passport. He’s been meaning to, really.

As far as we can tell, the album isn’t available for pre-order, but stream a couple more tracks here, and make sure to grab it when it does come out. You’d be foolish not to.  They are primed to be much larger than sending tracks to our blog – mark that down. Their label has another free track for download as well.

The Rest – Modern Time Travel (Necessities) (mp3) from the forthcoming Everyone All at Once

The Rest – Walk on Water (Auspicious Beginnings) (mp3) from the forthcoming Everyone All at Once

The Rest Shows:
March 5: Toronto, ONT at El Mocambo
April 3: Hamilton, ONT at Pepperjacks
May 23: Peterborough, ONT at The Spill


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