Wedding Songs

wedding cakeI can’t explain to others why I like certain types of music, let alone explain or understand its importance to myself. Some music is instantaneously appealing to me and at other times it’s a slow process to appreciate a song or band. Because music is so important to me it was the only detail of my wedding in which I truly had or wanted vital input. I’ve wanted to do yesterday’s break up songs post and today’s for some time. I drafted something for each on my old site but we decided to wait so we could incorporate the symmetry of Friday the 13th and Valentine’s day this year. I usually have trouble at weddings I’ve attended in the past because of the music that is played during down times before dancing begins. Rather than listening to muzak or crappy jazz I gave a list of music I wanted played during our cocktail and dinner hours. I gave a list of 37 songs to choose from for the calmer portion of the evening, as well as 18 songs to be interspersed during the usual dancing favorites. I would start a riot of downloading if I uploaded all of the awesomeness that was my entire playlist so perhaps I’ll hold more of the list for a slow day another time.

This was the first song played as we were greeting arrivals to the reception. Andy loves this song as well but he hadn’t arrived just yet and missed it:

D.J. Shadow ft. Chris James – You Made It (mp3) from The Outsider

These are just two more that were played. I’ve chosen these two as they better fit the theme of love songs rather than many of the others on my list.

Nada Surf – Always Love (mp3) from The Weight is a Gift

Delays – Long Time Coming (mp3) from Faded Seaside Glamour

Skipping into the main music selections.

For the cake cutting:

Feist – Mushaboom (mp3) from Let It Die

Wedding party dance:

Ambulance Ltd – Straight A’s (mp3) from New English EP

Jumping ahead in the timeline of the evening to the last song. I requested the D.J. play this song last as it is a band both my wife and I like quite a lot and this is their best song.

Voxtrot – The Start of Something (mp3) from Raised By Wolves EP

And finally the most important song selection for a wedding. My wife had always thought she would want a wedding song that she could hear on the radio to remember. This was not my line of thinking at the time of my wedding or really in any circumstance. I wanted a unique song that was more important to just us. She came over to my way of thinking when we discussed this song. Not that many people know it and it will never be played on the radio. Just about everyone that has ever heard this song likes it.

Rogue Wave – Eyes (mp3) This song was made before a certain movie added it to the soundtrack. As such I’m not listing that particular soundtrack.


One response to “Wedding Songs

  1. I remember on my own wedding that the DJ mistakenly played a song that was not related to the wedding song list. My bridesmaid was fast to respond to the situation and the DJ played our wedding songs right.

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