Break Ups

Thanks to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, we all have the ability to pinpoint exactly how far along we are in the grieving process when we experience a catastrophic loss in our life. With today being Friday the 13th, and also the Day Before Valentine’s Day, we’re going to examine the 5 Stages of Break-Up Grief through the majesty of song. We’ll be in better moods tomorrow considering we both have significant others, but if you have been made recently single, this post is for you.


Frou Frou – Hear Me Out (mp3) from Details

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (mp3) from Fever To Tell


Black Joe Lewis – Bitch, I Love You (mp3) from Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears EP

Deftones – Crenshaw (mp3) from Change Single


Sense Field – Love Song (mp3) from Tonight and Forever

The Avett Brothers – If It’s the Beaches (mp3) from The Gleam EP


Cary Brothers – Honestly (mp3) from Who You Are

Of Montreal – The Past Is A Grotesque Animal (mp3) from Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?


Bloc Party – Kreuzberg (mp3) from A Weekend in the City

Damien Rice – The Professor (mp3) from B-Sides


2 responses to “Break Ups

  1. Nice theme guys.

  2. Nice one! How about a post break up song – Your Ex-Lover is Dead – The Stars

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