Bombay Bicycle Club

Being no expert in the science of measuring demographics, we here at Tympanogram find it confusing that Band X or Band Y can be declared “the most talked about.” How can that possibly be measured? Where is this band most talked about? Do ad firms have all public and private spaces bugged? We sure hope not, because we talk about nonsense a vast majority of the time.

If they do have our respective homes bugged, however, we are undoubtedly contributing to the notion that Bombay Bicycle Club is the most talked about band. For a group comprised of members who are so young (they finished high school last June), they already have 2 EPs and 1 single to their credit, and those 10 songs make for stellar talking points. Taken as a whole, they showcase the range that the band has, moving seamlessly from driving pop to slower, well, pop. The news on the band’s MySpace declares that they have another single in the works, an acoustic EP to be recorded and a proper album due in June. The maturity of the music belies their age, and it will be interesting to see how much of the previous work will be on the eventual album, and how much cleaning up any production will do.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Evening/Morning (mp3) from Evening/Morning Single

Bombay Bicycle Club – Open House (mp3) from The Boy I Used To Be EP

Bombay Bicycle Club – Ghost (mp3) from How We Are EP


One response to “Bombay Bicycle Club

  1. ya, love these guys. They are going to blow up come June

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