The Maccabees Rebuff Empires, Ready New Album

Historically, the Maccabees were a Jewish liberation movement that revolted against the Seleucid Empire‘s aggressive hellenization practices and won, thereby establishing Jewish independence in the Land of Israel for about a century in 164 BCE.  If you knew that already, you’re obviously a person who enjoys history.  For everyone else, it’s trivial really, except that that movement lends its name to a current British band, which is why we’re talking about it.

The Maccabees‘ first album – 2007’s Colour It In – propelled the band’s British-brogue pop punk to nominal fame here in the States by securing the group with an opening spot on Bloc Party’s tour.  The band’s follow-up is finished, and is set to be released in “early 2009.”  We’re unsure of the nomenclature, but believe that it ceases to be early 2009 after March at the latest. We’re unable to find the name or the release date as of yet.

Here’s the brand new track from the upcoming album, as well as a couple older tracks for your listening pleasure.  The new track, “No Kind Words” is a little more expansive, a lot darker, and it’s good.  Check their MySpace for tour dates in the UK.

The Maccabees – No Kind Words (mp3) from the forthcoming album of which we don’t know the name

The Maccabees – First Love (Daytrotter Session) (mp3) from Daytrotter

The Maccabees – Lego (mp3) from Colour It In

The Maccabees – X-Ray (Filthy Dukes Society Remix) (mp3)

Speaking of pop punk, apparently blink-182 is back. I didn’t know until today since I didn’t watch the Grammys. Did anyone who actually likes music watch them?


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