Chester French

The forming members of Indie pop sensation Chester French met during their freshman year while attending Harvard University. The band named themselves after Daniel Chester French who as a sculptor designed some impressive shit, most applicably the statue of John Harvard.

The group pared down their numbers during the Harvard years all the while exploring a different style of music until we’re now left with remaining members Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach. Starting out as a five piece under a more traditional guitar-bass-drums-piano format, the two have drastically changed styles as they reduced their numbers. Wallach handles the vocals while Drummey largely takes care of the music on any instrument he can find to combine for a quirky pop sound. After learning how to properly record and produce their music the band completed a demo which found its way into the hands of notables such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Eventually the band signed with Williams’ Star Trak Entertainment label.

I remember reading about the band over a year ago in Spin or Rolling Stone or some other music periodical as the next big thing amidst all the signing hype. Exposure came when the HBO show Entourage used the attached song ‘She Loves Everybody’ in the Season 4 premiere episode during the closing credits. After releasing the She Loves Everybody Ep the band has tentatively scheduled the release of their first full length album due sometime this Spring.

Chester French – She Loves Everybody (mp3) from the She Loves Everybody Ep


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