I know it’s perhaps early to have a second post about the same band, but anybody who knows me well at this point is aware that Tokyo Police Club has vaulted themselves towards the top of my favorite bands list. Anytime a band I like receives positive exposure it makes me happy for the recognition, yet timorous that the band will become over-exposed and/or sell out. I’m fairly certain I don’t need to worry about those theoretical problems with this band, I just hope I’m right and nothing affects future musical efforts. That being said a new film, made in three segments by three directors, uses one of my favorite songs from the band in its trailer. The three directors are Leos Carax, Bong Joon-Ho and Michel Gondry. While the band’s association with the project likely has to do with the title of the upcoming film, it matches well with the action of the trailer. The film looks interesting and of course I got goosebumps because of the accompanying song. This film also seems to be flying low on the radar thus far, so perhaps thoughts of over-exposure are premature.

Tokyo Police Club – Be Good (mp3) off A Lesson In Crime

Tokyo Police Club – Graves (Nightsweats Remix) (mp3) original off Elephant Shell


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