While writing my previous blog, I received a submission from a band that I never got around to reviewing. I enjoyed what I heard – and still enjoy it when it pops up on shuffle every now and again – so it’s only fair that I give the band their due.

On any given night, on any given college campus, there are an innumerable amount of nervous freshman forming bands after discovering a mutual love for of Montreal or Corey Hart or Lou Reed. Generally, these bands don’t amount to much of anything; they’ll play a few shows, down a bunch of beers, maybe score a couple of hook-ups in the process. It’s a cyclical beast.

As college comes to its inevitable conclusion, however, bands that want to continue on face a difficult decision. Should they try their hand at original songs? Or should they be the town’s next semi-tolerable Dave Matthews Band cover group? You’ve heard bands that answered both ways, I’m sure.

The members of Filligar have a leg up on the competition. Now with four full albums under their collective belts, they are busy honing their craft while other bands put the finishing touches on a kick-ass cover of “Free Bird.” It’s paying off. They’re getting ready to hit the road again this Spring (dates forthcoming – but I hope they’ve made a date in Rochester.)

On their most recent album – Near or Far – they’ve got their best Tweedy drawl on, and the music seems constantly ready to break into an extended jam. It’s fun, and it’s exactly what you want to hear on a Friday or Saturday night. I’ve tried it and can safely say that it’s best enjoyed with a beer. Check their site, their MySpace page (you’ll have to forgive them for still being friends with Tom – maybe it’s ironic), buy them on iTunes, buy an actual album if you still do that, whatever – just do something to support a band that so clearly enjoys what they are doing, and who seem primed to continue impressing with each subsequent effort.

Filligar – Lot Six (mp3) from Near or Far

Filligar – Hounds (mp3) from Near or Far


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