These Electric Lives

I haven’t been at this music blog thing for very long considering I started in December out of boredom. Now that I’ve moved onto this site for bigger and better things with a partner in crime it feels a little more legitimate. Coincidentally right as we started this new collaborative effort validation came way to my previous site. On that site I mentioned a song by the band These Electric Lives since it was high on my iTunes play count list. Because of that last week I received an email from the band with a new song they have just put out on the interweb.

I first heard These Electric Lives back in 2007 when the the song ‘We Should Be Believing’ was played on a great local radio station here in Rochester, WBER. Upon listening to the tune I immediately performed my ritual of searching high and low to determine what the song was and then to get it in whatever manner necessary. These Electric Lives are evidently aware of the fact they received airtime from WBER as the band assigned one of their top friend spots on MySpace to the station. The five piece is from Toronto and are authors of their own brand of dance rock with soaring vocals and melodic guitars abound.

The band has released to date an eponymous five song ep as well as an album of remixed songs off the ep. They are currently at work on a full length release. Download both ‘We Should Be Believing’ as well as the new song, ‘Called it Off.’

These Electric Lives – We Should Be Believing (mp3) off These Electric Lives EP

These Electric Lives – Called it Off (mp3) unreleased


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