Army Navy

Though we try hard, sometimes bands slip past us. For example – Army Navy’s debut album came out last year, albeit without much fanfare. A quick search for them on Hype Machine gives the listener a track from 2005, another from 2007, and then a bunch toward the end of 2008. We found out about them after discovering that the band got themselves a song on the heralded soundtrack of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist alongside the likes of Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses and Rogue Wave, which isn’t bad company to be in.

Army Navy makes shimmering, jangly post-punk, complete with the sing-a-long oohs and ahhs that make concertgoers swoon. The music is frenetic, excitable – demonstrated most notably by the lead single entitled “My Thin Sides.” If I were 16 again, I’d have put it on quite a few mix tapes for the new girl I liked – as if that worked. The band’s cover of Maxine Nightingale’s “Right Back To Where We Started From” almost seems like it should have been made their way first, and then turned into an R&B standard. On the whole, it’s an album that would seem to accompany the sunshine perfectly, but February in Rochester doesn’t afford that possibility. When June rolls around we’ll be able to answer definitively.

Their self-titled album is available for download through eMusic and Amazon (and iTunes if you have to), and grab a couple tracks here:

Army Navy – My Thin Sides (mp3) from Army Navy

Army Navy – Right Back To Where We Started From (mp3) from Army Navy

Here’s some tour dates as well. They seem to be sticking to the Left Coast, so if you’re out that way, check ‘em out.

February 16 – Silverlake CA

February 19 – San Francisco CA

February 23 – San Diego CA (with French Kicks and Broken West)

February 24 – West Hollywood CA (with French Kicks and Broken West)

February 27 – Portland OR

February 28 – Seattle WA


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