Flosstradamus ft. Caroline Polachek

“Permanently blue for you-oo-oo-oo!” Whether you heard this phrase because – you are a blog reader, heard it on an iTunes commercial, or knew it as a fan of indie pop darlings Chairlift, almost everyone in the United States has heard this phrase at least once over the past year. While that was likely the only song most of the population heard from the band, Chairlift found themselves atop numerous year end music lists. This post however, is not about Chairlift. The songstress, Caroline Polachek, who belted out those oo’s has collaborated with DJ duo Flosstradamus to provide vocals for the infectious track ‘Big Bills.’

‘Big Bills’ is brought to you by Green Label Sound which just so happens to be a music brand provided by none other than Pepsi/Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is supporting artists that, by their own estimation, represent the spirit of the neon yellow beverage such as punk/dance duo Matt and Kim, as well as hip hop duo The Cool Kids. While I don’t quite know what my feelings are pertaining to this corporate backing, I do appreciate that as a result these people were able to get together to make music I like.

Watch the video for ‘Big Bills,’ download the track, and then ooh your heart out to Bruises if you wish.

Flosstradamus featuring Caroline Polachek – Big Bills (mp3)

Chairlift – Bruises (mp3) off Does You Inspire You


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