Friendly Fires

friendly-firesOnce in a while I obsess over some dance music, usually indie dance and not the mainstream stuff. I listen to tracks on repeat because there is just something about good dance music that makes me feel happy. The most recent of these obsessions is Friendly Fires. Several terms have been used to describe the English trio in addition to the indie dance tag; funk-punk, shoegaze, dance pop. All descriptions are apropos. Whatever the description, this is infectious bounce-your-head-to-the-beat music. They certainly know how to craft a perfect pop song.

I have a litmus test for dance music, and British dance music in particular. While in college I visited London with some friends. We went to a few clubs and pubs during our week long stay, and we heard the same type music at most places. In particular we heard Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers at nearly every place we visited. My test consists of whether or not I can imagine myself listening to the intended music in a club or pub that is etched into my memory. I can absolutely envision myself in that club with tracks like Jump in the Pool and Paris providing the ambiance.

Friendly Fires – Jump in the Pool (mp3) off Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone – Paris(Aeroplane Remix) (mp3)


One response to “Friendly Fires

  1. great post, thanks for the songs

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